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    2009-10-30 / FHL games made contract with Inventarte, Major internet service provider in Peru, for online game development
    08-Oct-09 09:00

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    (Seoul-newwire) There is big issue that a Korean company had 'love call' from Latin America which is newly regarded as blue market

    FHL networks, newly made development contact with Latin America countries to publish internet café management solution with Leaders soft of Mgame, has built FHl games and made exclusive contract with Inventarte, major internet service provider in Latin America to develop the games for Latin users.

    In this contract, FHL games develop new version of Crazy Combi which holds 2.2 mills unique visitors since 2 months and will also provide already completed 2 games which are casual games,

    Mr.Javier, CEO of Inventarte, says this contract gives us pleasure and opportunities to work with Korean game company holding qualified technics and we are very confident that this business will be very success in Latin America Market.

    Mr.Jyuhyuk Kim, CEO of FHL games, says now we have cvery strong distribution networks in Latin market and this contract become threshold to pursue development business in market

    Why does Latin market is uprising market?
    - Latin market is composed of Brazil speaking Portugese and other countries speaking spanish. These area share same religion and similar culture and market with 3.5 bills population. Therefore relatively easy to service in unificated service in area

    Inventarte is ?
    - Inventarte is major internet provider in Latin area and manage Telurica.com which is major UCC site in latin and Blogalaxia, Perublogs.com,blog.com. Total monthly visitor is 4 mills.

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