FHL plans to open the Hive, Korean style High-end PC Café, in Peru within 1Q 2019
    FHL plans to expand its business to LATAM by open more than 50 shops in a year
    BXA is available to be main currency to use the HIVE
  • Hive Features
    More than 100 PC seats with high-End PC zone, including e-sports zone
    Food & Beverage system
    Cyptobank sponsored by bithumb and BXA
    Cryptocurrency Mining

  • BXA Values
    Connecting more than 1 million PC in the shops all over the world
    Available to mine cryptocurrency
    Customers available to pay BXA to enjoy content and buy products
    Customers available to get reward by using BXA
    BXA is available to be converted from other cyrptocurrencies
    Customer available to manage all things with “Handiest App” providing revolutionary messaging, game, cryptocurrency payment & wallet
    H5 Network provides crypcurrency exchange through Bithumb, global no.1 cyrptocurrency exchange
    Crytobank to provide remittance service to abroad