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El atasco? No, No~

Are you feel bad and get stressed every morning on way to your work??
Now you can drive your own combi and run!!

Crazy combi 3D is originally based on super hit game "crazy Combi and it is 3D version of Crazy combi. This new version of Crazy combi will give more peasure than original. FHl's cutting edge technology is now making this game as super game.

All landscapes and scenes are just same as where are in Peru such as road, mountain and traffic signals and everythings. Also it is completely traslated as spanish laguage..

It offers Racing mode and VS mode and various mutiplay. And you can share your score with another player in another city. And it also gives you virtual space for your own vehicle and items. This game has perfect social network system so you can communicate with your friends and use various function..

Don't stop!! It ia time to run and rocket!! You are the wickest driver on the road!!