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FHL games is a company developing online game and publishing to Latin maerica and currently completed online gameProject D, Project C, now we are starting publish to latin America as blobal entertainment company.

Dice War with new cocep of Dica game developed on 2009 and it has new server technology on it which is patent sahed and now preparing ot publish Latin America. Porolong developed game on 2009 is unique game to develop spatial sense and perceptin power and ready to publish Latin America. Furthermroe, Crazy Combi is super hit game on Peru and FHL currently coverse it to 3D based online game .

FHLGames also offer the service of Project DM to Latin America and Project CC as well.

To do this, we are organizing Community DM Korea for game community and working with new and creative entertainment contents.

we are new but specialists in game industries !!

We promise that endless efforts for people who loves us and try to be best company in th world leading good and right culture in our society .

▣ Business Area

▶ Game Development
Project D Project P Project C completed
▶ Game publishing
§ Project. Dcurrently cntracting with major Company in Latin America
§ Project. Pcurrently cntracting with major Company in Latin America
§ Project. CPeru publishing contract
§ Project. DMPeru publishing contract
§ Agosto,2009Multi # of Leaders Soft published to Latin America
§ Septiembre,2009 Contracted Crazy Comby with Inventarte 2009